Medical Chemistry

Graduate School of Medical Science
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine



We belong to chemical department in a medical school, and take advantage of such unique environment in our researches. We design and prepare new products based on organic and synthetic chemistry, utilize life science and basic medical science in their functional evaluation using cells and animals, and finally establish technologies useful for researches, disease prevention and therapy.


A paper published in ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. was selected as a Supplementary Cover.

An article, Oligosarcosine conjugation of arginine-rich peptide improves the intracellular delivery of peptide/pDNA complexes, was published in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

Dr. Umeno reveived The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Kanto Branch Award for Young Scientists.

Dr. Umeno joined our laboratory.

An article, Effect of helicity and hydrophobicity on cell-penetrating ability of arginine-rich peptides, was published in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry.

Dr. Takemoto (Associate Professor), Ms. Takayama (research assistant), and Mr. Naka (M1 student) joined our laboratory.

Dr. Yokoo joined National Institue of Health Sciences as a researcher.

An article, An amphipathic structure of a dipropylglycine-containing helical peptide with sufficient length enables safe and effective intracellular siRNA delivery, was published in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Highlighted Paper selected by Editor-in-Chief. Selected by Featured Article)

Associate Professor Uchida joined to Tokyo Medical and Dental University as a professor.

A book on cell-penetrating peptide, edited by Prof. Oba and Dr. Demizu (NIH), was published (Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Design, Development and Applications, Makoto Oba and Yosuke Demizu, Editors, Wiley-VCH-GmbH).

Mr. Victor Marx, a exchange student, joined our laboratory.

An article, Development of delivery carriers for plasmid DNA by conjugation of a helical template to oligoarginine, authored by M. Oba, et. al., was published in Bioorganic Medicainal Chemistry.

Ms. Horii Nao, a research assistant, joined our laboratory.

Ms. Nessa Naseratun, a research scientist, and Ms. Mochizuki Erika, a research assistant, joined our laboratory.